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Venice, 2018

Welcome to SafariGrowth

Hi! I’m Grafton Robinson, and I help grow startups.

I started doing SEO in 2004, where I helped a fantasy football website launch back when Tom Brady was just a plucky young upstart with a bright future ahead of him. SEO was easier then.

A few years later, I started doing paid search marketing. Since then, I’ve managed about $50m in spend with pretty good results.

Most recently, I developed, implemented, and tested the growth strategy for one of the most promising insurtechs in the world. This includes marketing, retention, and some product work. All hands on deck, you know.

I’ve been a marketing analyst, I’ve launched a diesel garage’s online store, I’ve been the first marketing hire at a startup, and I’ve worked in an agency. I’ve also worked at a failed startup (remember fantasy football?), and I’ve been fired as a copywriter for industrial products. In my defense, it’s hard to describe a dozen leveling mounts without using the world “level.”

If you want to sell glue guns without using the words “glue” or “adhesive,” I’m not your guy. I’d suggest Roget or Webster.

If you want to grow your startup, though, let’s talk.

“[Grafton is] a very talented marketing professional who is naturally driven to identify growth opportunities via rigorous analysis, is passionate about building new things, and manages well within the organization, both horizontally and vertically.”

Andrei Utkin, CMO, Pangea Money Transfer

A little more about me:

  • I spent most of my professional life in Chicago. I moved to Bristol, UK in 2017, and then to Helsinki in March 2020. There’s something here about embracing the unknown.
  • I’m learning to surf.
  • I played an alarming amount of soccer, pre-pandemic.
  • I’m hiking to Mount Everest Base Camp in March 2021.

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